Chimpanzee: A swinging good time

Tim Allen narrates DisneyNature's latest documentary, Chimpanzee. Courtesy of Disney Nature

Seeing animals in a zoo is nothing like watching them in their natural habitat. Chimpanzees, while playful, are also territorial beings much like we humans are. This similarity paired with countless others makes DisneyNature’s latest documentary, Chimpanzee, simply intriguing.

This documentary follows a group of chimps (with which we share the most DNA) living in the forests of Africa as they try to keep their home safe from an invading clan of rival chimpanzees. Possibly the most intriguing aspect of this film is the story of baby Oscar and the unlikely relationship he forms with the alpha male of his group, Freddy.

This beautifully shot documentary delivers a powerful story of both spirit and family. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, as is the in-depth camera work the crew managed to achieve in order to bring us intimately close to our distant genetic ancestors.

What really brings the entire production together is Tim Allen’s (Toy Story, <emThe Santa Clause) narration. The man who famously voiced Buzz Lightyear provides humour while simultaneously giving every moment the perfect emotional tone. He even throws in a hint of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor for good measure.

Directors , Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield who also directed DisneyNature’s Earth together, manage to give us a great deal of insight into the chimpanzees world. They even managed to show the darker side of the animal’s lives, but successfully cut everything graphic and disturbing out for younger and sensitive viewers.

To top it off there is a bonus making-of montage, so make sure to stay put when the credits start to roll.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best documentaries Disney has released to date. Don’t miss it!

Grade A+

Runtime: 78 minutes
3D: No

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