Madison County: DVD Review

Eric England’s latest horror is Madison County. Courtesy of eOne Entertainment

Do you remember that crazy time in your life when you enjoyed killing people and nothing could stop you – Not even five whopping blows to the head with a shovel? Ah, the ridiculous moments never cease when filmmakers think, “This time, nobody will notice these nonsensical, unexplainable, super-human-like events.” It was blisteringly apparent Writer/director Eric England clearly thought this when he was making Madison County.

This Texas Chainsaw Massacre wannabe tells the story of a group of teenage friends who trek out to interview an author who has information on a bizarre set of murders which an entire town appears to be involved in.

Eric England’s screenplay needs a lot of work. It reeks of plagiarism from past films and follows many of the thoughtless characteristics that infects the audience with the ever tiring eye-rolling syndrome. Then there is his direction, which serves only to spook those who scare (extremely) easily.

The positive that can be drawn out of the entire affair are the performances that felt more natural than corny. Jonna Sotomura, Natalie Sheetz, Matt Mercer and Colley Bailey did a commendable job with their characters considering the handicapped source material.

For fans of the Screamfest 2011 sellout movie, the home release delivers solid picture and audio quality. On top of that, there are a couple of special features to enjoy, including the Q & A from Screamfest! and Audio Commentary featuring Writer/Producer/Director Eric England, Producer Daniel F. Dunn and Actor/Producer Ace Marrero.

Bottom Line: You won’t find anything scary in this movie unless you’re frequently frightened by your own shadow. At least the home release delivers what it should.

Movie Grade D
Blu Ray Grade B-

Runtime: 81 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Joanna Sotomura is terrified in Madison County

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