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The Odd Life of Timothy Green: Blooming disappointment

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN stars Cindy (Jennifer Garner), Timothy (CJ Adams) and Jim (Joel Edgerton). Courtesy of Disney Pictures

When we’re presented with a premise that shows promise it’s only logical to think that the final product should be mildly entertaining, at the very least. When it comes to The Odd Life of Timothy Green, that logic is thrown into a bottomless pit and we’re left with one of the most lackluster films of 2012.

In Disney’s latest film, a married couple who are unable to conceive, write down the ideal child on paper and plant it in their garden. Their dreams are realized as a fully grown boy named Timothy.

Without much effort, you’ll be able to effortlessly predict the remainder of this lazily written story.

Well known writer turned director, Peter Hedges (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), displays absolutely zero talent on either front. Every facet of this film lacks drive. Instead, events just casually take place without any drama or suspense.

There weren’t even performances worth mentioning in a positive light. Jennifer Garner gives us her usual exaggerated attempts at acting and amplifies the annoying tendencies of an already overly irritating character.

The one positive to take away from this film is that it was shot beautifully, featuring a stunning palette of vibrant colours in most every scene.

Bottom Line: Unless you want to fall into a well of disappointment, stay away from this movie.

Grade D-

Runtime: 100 minutes
3D: No