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Lincoln: Has Oscar written all over it

Daniel Day-Lewis stars in Steven Spielberg’s latest film, Lincoln. Courtesy of Disney Pictures

With the USA battling through election pangs this year, it’s fitting that we take a look back to what a great president like “Honest” Abraham Lincoln can do for their country. In Steven Spielberg’s latest historical epic, we follow Abe as he fiercely battles the confederates and most of the nation to rid the United States of Slavery.

Daniel Day-Lewis is absolutely brilliant as the 16th president. His performance is packed with a special blend of both subtlety and power – The kind of which only great actors can deliver. The supporting cast keeps close to Lewis’ charisma, with Sally Field leading the charge.

Spielberg has nothing left to prove in his career, yet shows no complacency in his direction of Tony Kushner’s excellent adapted screenplay. There is a constant tension throughout the film that is perfectly broken with rich comedic relief from the statuesque president himself.

As far as cinematography is concerned, this is some of the best the Hollywood has offered this year.

My only minute criticism is toward the sheer quantity of names being thrown at you. It can lead to confusion when you’re trying to decipher whom the characters are referring to scene after scene.

Again, that is just a tiny blemish in this phenomenal film that will light up the Academy ballots come 2014.

Bottom Line: Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis are a winning combination in this must see taste of American history.

Grade A

Runtime: 149 minutes
3D: No

Dark Shadows: Has Johnny Depp reached his peak?

Helena Bonham Carter, Chloë Grace Moretz, Eva Green, Gulliver McGrath, Bella Heathcote, Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, and Michelle Pfeiffer star in Tim Burton’s imagining of Dark Shadows. Courtesy of Warner Bros.

1961 was the year the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows premiered, leading to a worldwide following. Tim Burton has taken it upon himself to turn the now cult-classic television show into a feature film. Unfortunately, he missed a few beats along the way.

This TV to film imagining tells the tale of cursed vampire, Barnabas Collins, waking up after an almost 200 year imprisonment in order to return his family’s name to its once respected stature.

For all of you who have seen the trailer and are loyal followers of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s projects, hold your horses before galloping off to the cinemas. The trailers for this movie have led you all to expect some new, enthralling, deep dark comedy. This could not be further from the truth.

What Burton and Co. have delivered is a drawn out melodrama with a few comedic moments, almost all of which can be found in the trailer.

Along with this deception, you’ll find the imaginings of the entire production disingenuous or missing entirely from the project. There isn’t a single acceptable performance among the cast of otherwise wonderful acting talent. Depp, whose recent cinematic outings have been an über disappointment, suggests he may have reached his limit and we shouldn’t expect anything more from him.

The only contributors worth their paycheque in this movie are the cinematographer and the special effects team, who provide the perfect accompaniment to this dark tale.

Bottom Line: Due to false advertising, your expectations are your greatest enemy. Unless you have an absolute need to revisit the show you once loved projected on a larger screen, save your mullah and rid your mind of this major disappointment.

Grade D

Runtime: 113 minutes
3D: No