David Budo?

The Spoiler-Free Critic…

I started reviewing movies simply because I became tired of being told what I should like. I don’t believe in following anyone’s opinion but my own, so you know you are not reading the reviews of a Hollywood sheep. Not every movie is trying to win an Oscar. Some simply want to make us laugh, or give us an a adrenaline rush. I love any movie that speaks to me and accomplishes it’s goals.

Another thing I absolutely can not stand is any review that spoils the movie for me. I read a review because I’m looking for an opinion on it, not so I can be told the entire story and have no need to watch it. That’s why I flat out refuse to include spoilers in my reviews. Trailers tell more than enough about the story, all I give are my opinions of films.

Currently, I’m the film critic for York Region Media Group and eventually the world.  Let’s talk film!

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